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Originally Posted by bsaz View Post
I just made chocolate chip cookies with Whole Wheat Flour. (Recipe was on the back of the Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flour bag.) They are really good! (I gave myself Mother's Day off of the diet, although I did work out.

We also had pancakes made with 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat this morning.

While this doesn't reduce calories, it replaces a simple carb with a complex one.

Does anyone else have a recipe they like to do with Whole Wheat flour instead of white?

I just found a written log that I had for my ex, when he was on an eating program. I didn't think he needed to lose weight and he met the army standards for weight, but I would come up with recipes. I had forgotten all about that. I had muffin mixes that I had come up with from scratch. Fiber One had muffins at their site and I make the muffins with wheat flour, as I think they listed, for the white flour and sugar-free applesauce for the oil and lastly egg whites and splenda for the eggs and sugar. I also add a quarter cup of walnut pieces and dried fruit. I prefer that over cooked raisins. And then there is the salt, baking soda. I also put Fiber One and softened it in a cup of milk. The original, to me, wood like flavor to add fiber. Each muffin is six grams.

I remember when we were stationed in Mannheim, he would get bran muffins and they, to me, were yuck. I think that mine are good and only 100-127 cals each. I think it has to be tweaked to your own taste. I am going to try carrot muffins next. I make them and freeze them on a pan and then drop them into freezer bag for later defrosting. Take them out of the tin cupcake foils first before freezing.
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