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Originally Posted by Miss_Body_beautiful View Post
urgh, I started a new diet today ...and didn't stick to it lol I didn't eat fact I ate small portions of what i did eat but I didn't stick to the diet plan I have for myself. Tomorrow is a new day, I am very disappointed in myself but i will do this...Ive decided to go swimming twice a week and running once a week. I don't really have any support from anyone. So any advice from you guys will be much appreciated
Jump back up there!

The same thing happened to me when I started again after months at maintaining at a weight that was not yet near my goal, but I was just happy to keep the weight off that I lost. And don't you know that I did well until about eight or nine o'clock at night and then it was a recipe I have for fruit/fiber and nut muffins. I pulled three of them from the freezer and ate them after I defrosted them and put a drizzle of mapple sugar icing on them. I ended up eating up until four. I ate 6 Fiber One bars. I like the strawberry-almond ones.

I totaled out at approximately 2300 cals or so. My muffins-plain-are only a hundred each. But even so it was so disappointing. I have been to this site and another one that is very good because I can get my BMI and calories burned for my disability and both recommended roughly 1200 cals/day.

But all that aside, this is my second venture at this site and yesterday, I am happy to report, I consumed 1218 cals. My weight problem is because of meds I am on that cause hunger. (I know; everyone says that or the thyroid). After I take them, it is maddening on me, regardless of my intake or not, diet or not. I think I found a cure for it yesterday while researching and that was to eat warm milk and oatmeal. It seemed to put me to sleep last night within a half hour and fill be up because of the fiber. I buy the heart smart and it has six grams per serving.

So, all this to let you know that because you fell from the wagon the first day, don't beat yourself up about it. Just jump back on and for me researching--I don't know how overweight you are--the benefits of losing weight and the perils of being larger, today, have helped me immensely.
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