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Originally Posted by m3rma1d View Post
Can't talk now, going to stock up on cotton balls!

I agree with the 3 posts above me, everything in moderation and listen to your own voice. Eating high protein doesn't necessarily mean you have to eat a ton of meat either, there's plenty of plant proteins out there. Veganism is a bit tricky because you have to be aware of your amino acids, not just your protein intake. The fittest person I know has been religiously on Atkins for 8 years at least, but it's too extreme for me. Veganism is also too extreme for my tastes, but there's plenty of fit and healthy vegans in the world. Both diets require more thought and effort to follow than I want to put in to the process. The long and short is, there's no one "right" diet. Know what you're putting in your mouth and get your butt off the couch are concepts we can all get behind though.
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