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Default Too few calories? (I'm sure you hear this one a lot)

Ok, so I am finally REALLY ready, and REALLY taking it all serious.

I started out at 5' 6"/250lbs.

I've used the calculator at Calorie Calculator - Daily Caloric Needs but that seemed like WAY too many calories to me.

For 2 weeks I was around 1500cals but lost nothing, then last week I was at an average of 1200 calories a day. At the end of that week, I finally lost 10lbs.
Then came this week. Monday I gained 1lb, Tuesday I gained 4. By Thursday I got rid of that 5lb gain and was back to 240. Yesterday 241, today 240 again. So it looks like there's gonna be no real "loss" for this second week.

I'm afraid I'm going way too low in the calories and my body is freaking out--But the thing is, I REALLY want to get to 235 for my birthday (June 2nd).

So now for 2 days I'm going for around 1300... I'm so afraid to go higher, since I've been so low, 'cos I don't wanna GAIN more, I really wanna lose that 5lbs by the 2nd. It's very important to me (long, long story)... After that, I will relax and not be trying to lose so rapidly. But I HAVE to lose 5 more pounds by my birthday.

Any thoughts?
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