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I am also Type 2 Diabetic. I take my meds, most of the time. Every once in a while I"ll get busy and forget a dose but pretty much I'm dedicated to them. I hate the headache I get when I don't! As far as diet goes, I've not found the key to that. My husband is also type 2 and I know if we were able to get the weight down neither of us probably would have to take meds until much later. However, Sugar carbs bother me less than high fat foods but my husband can eat higher fat foods just not the sugar carbs. Consequently, we try to eat wholesome foods but frankly it gets pretty boring! We've started sharing meals at restaurants, as there is just too much food otherwise. I am 252 lbs, I'd love to just make it back to 180. I liked it there. And even though I was still over weight I wasn't Obese. So how do you all get over the dislike of excercise? Walking is good for me, but I don't necessarily like to just go out and walk through the neighborhoods. I have a treadmill but that gets sort of boring after a while too. I always begin with good intentions on any excercise program but after awhile I just fizzle out. I think it probably stems from being a teenager who did high impact aerobics 3 times a day and it really didn't do much good. I hung out at 170 lbs and when I got married and didn't do aerobics 3 times a day I gained weight really fast. Fit Day really helped me get on track and understand how food worked, it makes it much easier to get back on track if I fall off... what I really need help with is loosing weight, and boosting metabolism. I don't eat that poorly, or that much, but my weight doesn't budge! I am not such a huge fan of excercise and I know that's the most of my problem, but other tips are welcome.
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