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I am eating my lunch now. I made a salad. I guess it's a salad because it has lettuce but it's like no salad I ever made (more veggies than ever before).

2 C romane lettuce
1/4 C red bell pepper
1/4 C yellow bell pepper
4 grape tomatoes
1/2 C brocolli
2T blue cheese dressing - regular

So, you know I can't say I have ever had raw brocolli. Always seen it on the veggie trays at parties but went for chips and dip instead. You know, I really like it! Add that to next week's shopping list!

I also found that the juiciness and flavor of all the veggies really made it to where I could eat it all with only 1 T of dressing. Since I use the regular kind, that's certainly a bonus.

Looking at what is considered a serving size of veggies - I have 5 just in that salad!
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