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Canned veggies are AWFUL!! There's a reason why babies spit them all over. Stir-fried or steamed fresh veggies are so much better tasting and better in texture. Raw is great too. Frozen is OK if I don't have fresh. I haven't tried grilling them, I should look into that.

I love raw avocado, and I never make my salad on plain iceberg lettuce. I use spinach or the fancy bagged lettuces. As far as dressing goes, I like the Kraft light done right ones, or just a smaller amount of the real stuff. Balsamic vinegar is great on a salad too, there's as many varieties of that as there are varieties of wine. I'll put half an avocado and some canned beans or chickpeas on a salad, because it's got to have some fat and protein or it won't stick with me. Edamame works well on salads too. I also use rice noodles (like chow mein noodles but smaller) and sunflower seeds or nuts in moderation to add crunch to a salad. Mashed up or sliced avocado is a great alternatative to mayo in a sandwich, and plain Greek yogurt is nummy as a veggie dip. Hommus (ground seasoned chickpeas) is a great veggie dip too. I eat most of my fruits and veggies raw, never canned except for beans. Salsa is super easy to make yourself too. I'll use that instead of dressing with some beans, grilled chicken and Greek yogurt on a salad to make a healthier version of a taco salad. I find it's easier to eat veggies if I keep raw ones cut up in the fridge at all times, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes and celery mostly. Then I can just grab a handful when munchies hit.

Oh and a kohlrabi is a root vegetable, flavor-wise it's kind of similar to the stem of a cauliflower plant. It looks like a large white beet. You can shred them for cole slaw or salads, or boil and mash them as a potato substitute. I've seen them used for veggie fries and cubed up in soups or stews as well.

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