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I went up on net carbs and calories again yesterday because I was so excited about good news; still my calories were way below my maintenance and I am increasing my exercise. I had the Atkins basic pancakes this morning and the syrup used up half of my net carbs budget. I am thinking of making my own zero carb syrup. I will have to eat carbless meat and green veggies the rest of the day. I have added blackberries and they are really satisfying. I will try to keep net carbs averaging 25 in OWL for a week and then see if I can add nuts and creep up to 30. I feel great now, going to explore the entrance to a small mountain day hike. I will go on a day hike tomorrow plus walk a dog 30 minutes and ride a stationary bike 20. I will work outside more and more.
I have lost 12 pounds in two weeks. When I lie flat I can now se my ... er ... you know what over my stomach.
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