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Default question about nutrients on FitDay

Where do they get their recipes for calories on Fit Day ? I went to a potluck today and was very good, I thought, passed up all meat and pasta as I am watching calories and cholesterol. I had about 1 1/2 cups of carrot salad, (looked like a cole slaw) and imitation crab salad, about a cup and some green beans. Got home to enter them into fitday and it said a cup of carrot salad had over 400 calories. It would help to know where they got their recipe from. There was a little dressing in it, but mostly lots of sliced carrots. so makes it really hard when they don't list the ingredients in recipes that they have here. According to Fitday, I have already had all my allowed calories for the entire day now. Does anybody know where they get their recipes. I have searched the website, but can't find it
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