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I am completely in agreement with you on hiding the scale. During that week, I don't even get on it because I know it will just pi$$ me off!

As for the chocolate and munchies- how about some devils food cookies or fat free chocolate jello pudding? They are both low in calories and have either little or no fat. You need to find something that will satisfy your craving but in a healthier way. Maybe even a chocolate protein shake. Everyone keeps talking about how great they are and filling too.

You aren't the only one that has those days. I have them too but I am to the point now that I can walk away from the stuff. I know that NOTHING that goes in to my mouth is worth the price I have to pay to get it back off.

Here's a tip for you too- when you absolutely feel like you HAVE to eat something, drink a glass of water and make it a BIG one. Don't sip it- drink it all down. See if the hunger feeling is still there after you are done. I have a big 44oz cup (one from any gas station or convenience store) on my desk just about all the time and probably drink 4 full ones a day at least. Water or tea is good for you, will keep you hydrated and keep you feeling full for awhile until you can get past the craving.

Good Luck-
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