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Originally Posted by Sveva View Post
WOW! Thanks everyone for all the great advice! It's weird because this is the first time it has happened to me! But I did have a lot of carbs yesterday. Cereal for breakfast, pancakes for lunch, chicken, veggies and pasta for dinner, then pineapple muffin after the pool. I did not know that a lot of carbs would make you feel hungrier. I eventually gave up and went to bed so I would not eat anything else! And then I had to resist the urge to go for a bowl of soup!

Fortunately, Aunt Flo no longer visits, so that can't be it, but the past couple weeks I have had NO appetite at all, most days total caloric intake was under 700! Could it be that my body is trying to play catch up? This is not a good week for a binge week! I want to lost at least another 5 pounds before I fly home to see family next week!

Thanks again!
Sounds to me like your metabolism is revving up, along with an excess of carbs...

I can't wait til Aunt Flo moves somewhere else permanently! I hate my mood/craving/weight swings when she visits!

And I too have gone to bed just to quit eating some days. Some days I just can't get enough!

Chris--aka 'montanacricket'
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