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Hi Mego\'s, I took it very slow. I had about 20 lb to lose, but chose to work on getting fit first. I went to a personal trainer, because I also had trouble getting out to exercise and I have 2 young kids so exercising at home is impossible. That way I had an appointment to get to and someone to hold me accountable. A class with people in the same situation might do the same thing. It took me 6 weeks to go from being able to get through a 20 minute workout (almost passing out), to get to an hour workout barely able to walk, but feeling ok. Now, 5 months later, I love my workouts and can't go without. I also do my workouts on my own, no more trainer.

6 weeks in, I didn't see any weight loss results so I decided to join fit day. I logged the food I ate for 3 days and I got a real eye opener. No wonder I wasn't losing, I ate crappy food and way more than I should be. So that day I decided I would eat 500 calories below my baseline and get rid of the sugar and fatty snacks. I was hungry for a few weeks, but now I can't eat as much as I used to and I feel a lot better. I'm almost at my goal weight, and it has been a long hard road but it is well worth it!

For me it was a mental game that I still play with myself and I imagine I always will. I only exercise at the gym at work now, unless there is yard work to do at home. I love my time with my family too much to waste time exercising on my own. Anyway, I hope my story lets you know that you are not alone and gives you some ideas, no matter the amount of weight you have to lose.
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