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In terms of getting started doing more exercise I think it's pretty key to find something that you enjoy or to find something you can feel mildly obsessive about. If the gym and the peace and serenity of home don't work for you, maybe you need to go roller skating or challenge the neighbor kids to a hula hoop or jump rope contest. Or maybe you need to pull out your old bike and find some new trails to pedal. How about a new workout DVD or a Zumba class? Or maybe you need to put on your headphones and shake your booty to the groove while you clean the house top to bottom. You just gotta get moving, and for a while you have to force it, but sooner or later you get compelled to keep it up.

Oh and that HUNGER business is probably your body coming down off the carb high you've been living on. It's awful, but you just have to wait it out. Drink your water and fill up on proteins and in a few weeks you'll notice that it's still bad some days, just not as bad.
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