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Default Diabetes: Blessing?

Hi again,
One thing I forgot to mention is that I eat every 2.5 hours or so as well. I think that has helped me in a number of ways.
1. i don't feel the need to overeat because i'll be eating again soon
2. i eat a balance of complex carbs/protein/fat (protein and fat makes the carb absorption slower). for example, if i have a piece of fruit, i will usually have string cheese or nuts with it as well.
3. that way of eating normalizes the blood sugars which makes you feel so much better. no more highs and lows, but your body is consistently at a normalized state
4. your metabolism keeps going -you continue to burn and your body doesn't go into any "starvation" mode like other "diets" i tried.

The one bad food (and by bad, I mean processed) that i continue to eat are Atkins bars. They are good for my blood sugar and it's like eating a candy bar. I eat one almost every day. They are kind of expensive, but ...I figure I gave up so much else that cost a lot of money, it's worth it. Some of them also have quite a few calories and fat, but ...if i keep within my range, i figure it's ok.

I thought I would share a typical menu for the day for me. keep in mind i also had high cholesterol so many of the things in here are the ways i found to get my cholesterol down without drugs. i will *those items (they come from the Cholesterol Down book):

1/4 cup steel cut oats*
1/4 cup nutlettes (soy cereal)*
2 T ground flax seed*
1/4 cup blueberries
*lots of cinnamon

Atkins peanut butter bar or apple* and peanut butter

Low carb wrap
1/4 cup black beans* mixed with green peppers and onion
low fat/fat free cheese mix
black olives*

Snack 2:
piece of fruit and string cheese or veggie with hummus*

protein (don't eat much red meat so it would include chicken, fish, beans, egg product)
2 veggies
sometimes i will have a carb like roasted red potatoes or sweet potatoes, but i don't eat much of those.
other low carb options i have found include:
low carb pasta-not dreamfields. that does not work for me! there are some shitake (sp??) japanese noodles or a brand called al dente carb nada (those are the best!). they are like real pasta and don't affect my blood sugar at all. a serving is quite large too!
glass of red wine*

Snack 3:
dannon sugar control yogurt
apple berry low carb granola (soy based)*
handful of almonds*
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