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Good morning guys! I didn't do THAT badly over the weekend, but I did do some sabotaging stuff. That's ok, I'm back. BEWARE THE CARB SMART ICE CREAM BARS. It was impossible to eat just one a day. This is the second time I've tried to do this and ate the box. Whew!

Terri--Cool, I got a lot from your post. Thank you. I do the ketosis sticks and supplements. This time around, I have not started either yet. I will keep you guys posted.

Richard--I will find a way to work this site and let you know. Looks like you're having major technical difficulties. Truthfully, I have not taken the time on the site to find the answers to your questions. Will try. Unfortunately, I am nowhere near your area.

I will get back to you guys in a few. Project due at noon. UGH!!
I have the same problem with the Carbsmart ice cream bars. I take them out of the box and hide them in the freezer.
I am going to have to get some ketosis sticks and see how that works. I really need to increase my carbs and move off of induction, but have not yet. Thanks for your feedback.
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