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Originally Posted by RichardBuckner View Post
I lost my mother in August...I figured it out and have lost 7 pounds. This time I will do it for myself and my health...
I like "A New Atkins for a New You" better than the original book but I agree it is stupid to starve myself and have no energy. I have gone up to 25 g net carbs and will do 30 if I have to.
Rick, I am so sorry that happened to you. Losing a parent, in itself, is hard enough; but then, to have to confront what you've felt and, probably tried to pretend, wasn't the case (her relationship with your brother), afterwards must have been horrible. I am truly sorry. I AM HAPPY YOU FIGURED IT ALL OUT THOUGH!!! As has been said before, that is always the key; "not what we're eating, but what is eating us."

I went through a bad relationship, after just having lost a lot of weight, and feeling really good about myself. He told me he could never marry me because he was attracted to thinner women--after we finally were, ah hem, intimate. How humiliating. Anywhoo-I ate and cried like a baby for over a year. No, really. It crushed my faith in people most of all. It also crushed my faith in myself. Afterall, how could I allow someone to get into my head like that. So, I feel like I've continued to let myself down ever since and let him in. There is more. I guess we all have "background" and our own crosses to bear.

I am glad you're back on track though. Truly. You know what else, you have moving water by which you can sit and reflect or take a walk. I don't even have a decent body of water to sit next to. Ugh!! is offline   Reply With Quote