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Hello, my name is Dana, I'm new to this site, not new to the struggle though. After having two children I have been trying to lose 10lbs unsuccessfully. I have a hard time sticking to it and lose confidence all the time. I have decided that visually seeing my progress and tracking my eating and my exercising might help me to lose these stubborn 10 lbs, I'd go for more but right now I just want a small goal. I'm 145, looking to hit 135. Although I have a very active job, daycare educator for 5 year olds. I have not been exercising as I would like, with two kids and a full time job it's hard to find the time. So to battle this problem I started walking on my lunch hour, mostly uphill and running some stairs. I also brought my weights to work for the days that I don't walk. I have been slacking here and hope that by joining you I might find the motivation to stick to my exercise and eating routine. I am carrying all 10lbs on my tummy, mommy tummy, and it's just not healthy.

You girls seem like an awesome bunch from what I have read and I hope I might join you in your journey.

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