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Happy B-Day Missmatch!

My laptop died this week...and getting to my desktop computer is not as convenient, thus I haven't been online as much. So, like Quinn, I have not logged my nutrition the past couple of days, but I still write it down (unlike Quinn who obviously is doing fantastic!) because it helps me see the big picture. Rather than counting calories, I've been putting happy faces on good choices and frowns on "not-so-good" ones. Not very scientific, but it works for me--at least 'till I get a new laptop. I've also gotten back to juicing this week, which I love doing...even though it's a pain to clean and noisy. Makes me feel like I'm loading my body with nutrients.

Okay, this week I'm down 3 pounds to 119#, but measurements are basically the same. I always take the scale readings with a grain of salt since so many variables factor into it. I used to be a skinny fat person...low weight but lots of flab. In fact if I don't lift weights for a week, it's not unusual to drop 3-5 # on the scale. No thanks...I'll take lean body mass over a couple of pounds on the scale any day!

I'm focusing on cultivating a mindset of understanding how the foods I eat are enhancing cellular function. I get on these kicks a couple of times a year. Kind of helps me be mindful and breaks the monotony of calorie counting and scale focus.

I always like reading Sharon's posts about loving ourselves unconditionally (thanks Sharon)! Hope the finals go well for you!

Cassie, you are wise to not work through an injury! It helps to focus on what I can do rather than what I cannot when I'm nursing an injury. I don't play tennis, but do have tennis elbow that acts up from time to time. Ouch!

Congrats to you all who are in the "zone" and hugs to those who have struggled--oh heck, hugs to everyone
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