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So, Richard, tell us about yourself? Why are you trying to lose weight? What got you to this point, you think? Other stuff...

Also, did you post in the men's forum? They may have extra help for you because, as you know, men and women lose differently. I am looking for all the help I can get. I have had a little something extra everyday--like shelled peanuts. Am I purposely sabotaging myself?
Well I definitely have my fat burning furnace going and am gradually picking up my exercise. My meeting with my diet buddy went great. I am going to add berries and cut back dairy and nuts. So far so good today. I will concentrate on foods with a high calorie to net carbs ratio--still keeping carbs down. She punished me for losing only a half pound instead of two but cut the target down to a pound for next Monday. I am still losing. I have to use the stationary bike 5 days a week (it is so boring) and walk the dogs 6 days a week. I have to meet her Friday and run; I am a walker not a runner. So she is doing her job and sticking it to me.
Gonna walk the dog and use exercise bike now. Better than sleeping.
As to myself, I am a playwright. I lost my mother in August and my older brother was selfish in probating the estate. He had always lorded it over me and my mother favored him so when he got the things mom had promised me it hurt and I started eating. I figured it out and have lost 7 pounds. This time I will do it for myself and my health--not to fit into a black suit for my mother's burial. I don't have to please her and my brother any more.
I like "A New Atkins for a New You" better than the original book but I agree it is stupid to starve myself and have no energy. I have gone up to 25 g net carbs and will do 30 if I have to.
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