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Default Been on the Alli plan for a little more than a week

And I have been following the program pretty closely. I began with the low fat/calorie diet plan they recommend for the first 3-4 days before I started taking the pills. I have been taking the pills now for about 4 days now. I had one day where the treatment effects were horrible! But I had splurged the night before, big time! It was awful!! Enough to make sure I never do that again! So far, I have lost 3 pounds, which I think is pretty good. I am 192 pounds at 5'3", but I am very muscular. My goal weight is 170, but I would love to get to 160 (that's a size 8/10 for me), but I will be very happy at 170, which is about 7 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight.

So I am interested to see how Alli will work for me. I see that it's not a "quick fix", which is a good thing, I guess. We are less likely to gain the weight back again if it comes off slowly.
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