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Thumbs up Hi Everyone

You ladies have such great attitudes and's easy to keep coming back. Even when you're having a "down" week, your motivation and sharing are very inspiring. Thanks for being here.

MollySue, Mambo, Sharon, hang in there; you know you can do this and one little fluke on the scale doesn't take away the progress you've had so far and the knowledge you've gained. Some of it could be due to other factors such as water, sodium, stuff your body's not used to, as opposed to real pounds gained. Mambo, glad to hear that things went really well, and it's wonderful that you had some pics taken and are comfortable with that! I still don't think I'm there in my head

Julia, we'll all have our up and down weeks. Celebrations and social occasions can be hard. I agree that you can change your tastes, like Quinn said (although I think that chocolate will always be appealing to me). I think you get to a mindset where you just don't want to "waste" calories and you want the highest quality food you can find. At gatherings, you could grab and keep water or a spritzer with you, and if you choose to snack (obviously) make good choices, but also things that might take a long time to eat. For example, you can scarf down a bunch of high-cal peanuts in a really short period of time, whereas crunchy veggies or crackers would take longer to eat. I never really liked fatty foods all that well to begin with (with the exception of french fries!), but salty snacks are the ones I have to watch at those types of places. Sometimes I eat before I go and it's better if I don't even get started on the food there; it depends what's on the table (although that really only works with snacks and hors d'oeurves, not a dinner).

Twinnermommy, great start for you! It's all a process and you tweak as you go along.

Missmatch...happy birthday to you!!! I hope you have a fantastic day .

Hey, Quinn, congrats on removing the training wheels and blazing the trail, once again showing us that it can be done gracefully!

I'm holding steady this week, with the big challenge trying to keep myself off the DL. I've had some foot pain I'm trying to baby along with ice and rest, and of course the elbow is acting up because it's tennis season. The thought of not being able to exercise is somewhat anxiety-provoking, so I'm trying to be careful.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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