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Hi everyone I'm a newbie and I am completely fed up of trying diets and never getting anyway. I stick to them religiously but it is the same old story. I lose weight for the first two weeks, and then on the third week I gain 1 to 2 kilos back. For example I have been following the Atkins diet for a month now, and I lost 5 kilos to start with, I was over the moon, I thought at last something is going to work, however last week I put on 1.5 kilos and I dread to think what this week will do. So my last ditch attempt is to go on a low calorie diet. I do have poly cystic ovaries and not sure whether this has something to do with having problems losing weight. My question is please can somebody tell me what is the best way to lose weight. I have been trying for the last two years to lose weight and just keep ending up at the same place where I started. Any help or advice would be gratefully received. By the way, I do not pick during the day, I basically make myself have a breakfast as normally I would not, so therefore three meals a day and I watch very carefully what I eat. Please help a very desparate women.

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