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Hi everyone-- me too! I really didn't want to weigh myself but I did, and I am up .4 lb, not much, but I had a really disappointing week. It's finals and I am really stressed and not getting any exercise or taking care of myself. After next week I can re-asses. I have two dear friends who are struggling with cancer right now, and it is breaking my heart. I am so lucky to have the healthy hungry body I do....why me? Anyway, I am glad I am maintaining the weight while I am on a plateau, and not gaining. That means my eating habits are more or less under control, although my dh and d i l who lives here during the week bring in a lot of junk food. I try to get them to hide it but I know where it is! I can binge on diet food too! Those little custard cups, etc.....I tell myself when I start doing that or go out to a restaurant and they plop down a fabulous hunk of bread and butter, "You can't gain it all back in one day!" So like you said, Quinn, every single day , minute, choice, is a first's just like any addiction, one day at a time. Have a super week beautiful women and try to love your healthy hungry selves!!! Sharon

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