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Hi everyone,

I'm afraid I can't check in because my scales are broken! I thought it was the batteries so changed them but it did no good :/ financial times are not good so who knows when I will be able to replace :/ :/ :/ BUT I will keep on logging and will have to resign to weighing at my moms once a week when I go of a weekend.

Quinn, talking of 'bad' foods not tasting so good - as it's my birthday today I grabbed my favourite bacon, tomato & mushroom sandwich from my favourite cafe and didn't enjoy it half as much as usual. I'd of much rather had my cereal and banana - am slightly concerned that I've ruined my favourite treat forever lol

Also on a positive note, I've tried having a couple of squares of dark chocolate this week (80cals) instead of the usual 200 cals of milk choc (and I still want more!) and it's true that it does satisfy the craving much better.

Sorry that most people don't seem to be having a very good time this week - I don't know my weight obviously but can't imagine there would have been a change TBH.

Anyway, I'm off to the pub to make the most of having no working scales at the moment lol, just for today tho because it's my birthday YAY
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