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Default I have heard eating too little can be bad?

Maybe you need to eat a little more. Your body may be starving? Try eating 1400 calories a day instead. Also if you weighed 125 when you were in your teens or twenties and now your in your late twenties or thirties maybe your new ideal weight is where you are at now. Sometimes it is almost impossible and not a good idea to get back to an earlier than 23 year old, weight.

For me, I am 5'1" and weigh 150 lbs. My ideal weight is 135. At 20 I weighed 98 but I cannot go back to that weight and do not want to. My bone structure was different then. I have a woman's frame and a woman's weight to go with it. At 135 I have no flab. At 150 I have a little too much flab for my taste and not enough flexibility.
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