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Good morning ladies. I have to say I am relieved that I am not the only one that battles my eating and drinking over the weekend. I feel like I work really hard and do really well during the week only to negate my efforts on the weekend. One positive note would be that if I were not doing so well during the week my weekend festivities would probably cause a weight gain. Well typically they do, but that is gone by the next weekend. So Monday I generally weight 3 pounds or so more but lose it by Friday only to gain it back again and so goes my cycle. I find that if I can stick to my diet through at least one weekend that I will lose some so at least when I get back on that cycle I am still a couple pounds less. I just can't seem to do it for more than a couple of weekends in a row. I find that after that I start to feel resentful that I cannot have the fun that everyone else is having.

Wow, that was more long winded than I intended.

So, today I am 144.4, same as last Tuesday but that's not bad because I abandoned my calorie tracking for most of last week. I ate some things that I knew I probably shouldn't but after getting past those cravings, I was ready to eat more healthy food on my own. This week I am tracking but allowing for more calories. We will see how that goes.
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