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Good Morning Girls, I was tempted to not weigh in today, but went ahead and did, and thought about not posting it, but then read MollySue's post and
thought "she needs to know she's not alone"

MollySue, I am up three pounds since this weekend, yes I said weekend! I ate way too many peanut M&M's followed by too many glasses of wine, celebrating how I hadn't had either for the last three months because I was getting ready for an event. I have decided that instead of letting discouragement sink in and continuing to eat, and gaining more for next week, that today is a new day and it will be a good eating day. My body feels sick after having eaten well for a while and I know the next few days may be hard as I detox from the sugar overload, but it's only a few days and I want to feel better. We can do this!

Congrats to all you girls maintaining your skinny bikini figures and to those continuing to lose. Let's all have a good eating week and keep each other accountable.
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