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Molly Sue* Don't give up... just keep going. You can't do anything about this weekend, but you can do something about today, right? Personally, I think the first 4-6 weeks are the hardest because your old ways (and foods) are still a fresh memory. After a while (for me, about 6-7 weeks) the cravings for unhealthy foods subside pretty dramatically. Over indulged in my favorite vodka this weekend myself, I must admit.

As for me... I took a big step and decided to "take off the training wheels" and not log my foods for one week. I was sure it would give me license to eat things that I wouldn't have to log, but it really didn't. After one week, I am the same weight. In fact, I even dipped into the 116's for a day. I went back into my "past weights" tab and realized that I have lost 4 lbs. in 40 days on maintenance ( 1 lb. every 10 days) so will have to up calories again. It's not that I'm afraid of gaining the weight back anymore... I'm past that. Now, it's more that my new foods and eating patterns have become habit. My husband continues to lose on maintenance at about the same rate even though this weekend we overate Thursday-Sunday due to social commitments, but we kept our eating clean. May consider including one additional 4th meal during the day somewhere.

I know this sounds like an unlikely problem to have for all of you trying to lose. But you'll see when you reach your goal, too... and you will! Maintenance is a weird balancing act trying to "undo" some of the discipline that you worked so hard to achieve while losing. From Cassie's posts, I can tell that she's experiencing the same thing, as well as my husband, so I don't feel alone.

This weeks goal continues to be to add more variety and to continue without logging, but weighing daily to catch mistakes before they become habit.

Good luck, all! Anxious to read all of your posts!


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