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Default This is going to be a rant...

Good morning everyone!

Seems like it's starting to show that I'm ahead a few hours

Well, I'm beginning to feel really frustrated, since my scales have moved up once again instead of down. I'm back at my starting weight: 130 lbs. And yes, I completely blew it on Saturday. I did fine all day long, but then I met up with some friends and what was intended to be nothing more than a two-hour stroll through the city turned out to be a long night of drinking. I don't even understand why I gave in. Anyhow, I regretted it in a double sense the next morning when I realized that I had consumed about - can I actually write it down?? - 2500 (!!!) calories and that i felt very sick. My whole week of calorie counting and exercising (and I did work out 4 times last week, which is quite a quantum jump for me) seems in the light of Saturday quite futile now So... I don't know. I don't want to give up just yet and I've only started to grasp the whole concept of healthy eating and I finally learned through mistake that consuming alcohol is not going to help me lose weight, but I just feel annoyed anyway.

Anyways, I hope you ladies had a great last week!
Starting Weight: 130 lbs (04/27/10)
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Current Weight: 130 lbs (ugh!!!)
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