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Default Another Little Success Story

I know its probably a little too soon to be posting another "little success story" on here, but, yet again, I have to let this out to somebody.

Three DAYS ago I started tracking my caloric intake and my caloric burn,
measurements, etc. on fitday and decided "what the hell, I'll check my weight." Turned out I have lost ANOTHER THREE POUNDS in a three days and SEVEN pounds over the week before I started on here. I decided to try on the pair of pants that fit PERFECTLY (but didn't have a button) to see if they were too big, and sure enough they are.

I then decided to take my measurements again to see how many inches I'd lost. I've lost AT LEAST half an inch from every area for a combined total of NINE INCHES LOST. I had to share again, so I hope this gives the readers some encouragement to keep going and do what you need to do.
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