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Originally Posted by Twinnermommy View Post
Great thread! I am planning a birthday party, so it will take effort not to snack as I am cooking cakes and then at the party itself. So I will stay under 1800 calories both Saturday and Sunday, and work out for 60 minutes tommorrow and take Sunday off. That is still stretching it, I could do better, but I'm just beginning so -- baby steps.
So I worked out for 30 minutes saturday but also vigorously clean my entire house (I was cleaning so fast I actually worked up a sweat - that's a first!) Ha of course you couldn't tell 10 minutes after the party started though.. I did snack a bit on Saturday but I stayed around 1700. Sunday was 1200 cuz I was too busy to eat. I thought this weekend would be a challenge for me (and it was because of exercise) but being that busy kind of distracted me from my usual snacking.

You are all inspiring me to do better though, it seems like most of you met your goals and that is great!
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