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Originally Posted by Loven1964 View Post
I do all of the shopping. I really would not want to do it any other way either if I let my partner pick up the groceries I know that half of the food in the bag would be junk food and the other half would be something that I did not need.
I hear you. I had a recent hospital stay. I hadn't done the shopping before being rushed to emergency, so the family had to take care of themselves.
I had to stop and shop on my way home from the CCU. Three people had shopped while I was away.
My husband bought Ritz Crackers, Coke, and Pringles.
My son bought bread and frozen chicken patties.
My daughter bought marshmallows and frozen mixed vegetables.

July 3, 2014 - 1st day home after MI
Dec 9, 2014 Lowered my BMI by 4.2
1st Goal - remove an additional 2.6 from my BMI
2nd Goal - remove 5 more from my BMI
3rd Goal - remove 5 more from my BMI
Semi Final Goal - remove 5 more from my BMI
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