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Originally Posted by montanacricket View Post
Seeing as I'll be running an outdoor classroom with over 125 sixth graders tomorrow, I have to be careful what I pack in my lunch. It'll be an almond butter sandwich on whole wheat, some greek yogurt with a dab of honey, and an apple most likely.

Over the weekend, I have a BUNCH of yardwork to get done and it's suppose to be nice, so exercise won't be a worry. Food will though. My goal is to keep my calories under 1500 unless I spend most of both days out working hard in the yard, then I'd like to keep them under 1700.

And I vow to only have 2 small glasses of wine.
Well so much for that! I did good with Friday's exercise, nearly 7 miles and almost 17,000 steps according to the pedometer. I was the "ranger" going between stations to make sure we were on track. I went over on calories, but pizza was GOOOD as was that one beer.

Saturday I over did on calories just by a bit, but was planting trees and doing yardwork nearly all day, so I think things evened out well.

Sunday I kept the calories in check and still did yard and housework, so it was an okay weekend.

Chris--aka 'montanacricket'
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