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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
I'm checking in here on Sunday night so that I don't snack and wreck it before tomorrow morning.

7. Gave honey a little sugar, check check check, and maybe once more later tonight...
Wow - honey's going to get a cavity with all that sugar!

I could have done better this weekend, but I also could have done worse. I caved when they brought out the cake at my staff meeting on Friday, but I had a light dinner to make up for it. I did great on Saturday and stuck to 1,200 calories. Then on Sunday we did have a big dinner of steak and oven fries, but we had also paddled a Class 2 rapids for 90 minutes that morning - quite the workout! And I was proud of myself that we also walked around an outdoor flea market for 3 hours in the afternoon, and I got a 1 scoop ice cream cone when everyone wanted ice cream, and my son and I shared it, so I only ended up eating half of it. 3 weeks ago I would have ordered a double scoop and eaten the whole thing, so I've got to focus on the small victories! I ended up at 2,000 calories on Sunday, but burned about 500 more than I would have on a typical day. Hopefully it will even out!

Here's to being "Thin by Thirty"!

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