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Nyda, sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope the headache goes away soon. Thank you for the suggestion, but I don't take sleeping pills.

Where is everyone else today???

I slept A LOT today. I think I needed to recover from the +30 hours I had been awake the other day. That means I haven't been up for a super long time and haven't had too much to eat yet. It was take out night, and I did have 2 tostadas from Taco Hell and I put some sour cream on them. That's all I've had so far. I will probably be up most of the night, so I've got lots of room to have things like atkins/milk, apples/peanut butter, maybe some popcorn. Last night my daughter made caramel apples. She had maybe 1/4 left that she gave to me. I didn't weigh it and I didn't calculate or estimate how much caramel was on there. I just figured it in the same as peanut butter. I figured a little caramel certainly can't be more calories than peanut butter. It was super delicious! This was the first time she made them and she did it alone. She did great.

Hope to hear from some more of you!

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