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Hello all. It was not a good day food wise I have a headache that has been going on for 2 days now. I did get my a plants in the ground . That was the good part of the day. I just have not been well for a couple of days. took 2 naps today. I hope I can sleep to night. I have to work closing for the next 2 nights, Will be getting in a lot of exercise. Still not getting in much cardio, But I am getting my yard looking better.
Jenai I posted this a few days ago and then could not find the post. Have you talked to a Doctor about your sleepless nights. After working rotating shift work for 25 years my eternal clock was totally screwed up. I took a half of an ambient sleeping pill on nights I had to work the next day. It is much better now. I still keep some around for those night I need it. But I don't use it very often.I know there are other things more natural that you have tired. So just thinking that you may want to know your options.
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