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Send an email to Please also include:

Device & Model
OS Version (Android 4.3, etc.)
App Version (Can be found in the app store listings)
FitDay Account (username you use to login)

Originally Posted by devofan View Post
First of all... thank you for finally making an app for the Android!!!!! I've been a FitDay member since 2002, and once I got a smartphone I reluctantly switched to MyFitnessPal but now I'm back!

Ok, so there is one Big Bug in the Android App: If I try to add a custom food that I had customized by editing a food in the database, the app completely freezes up, and I have to restart it.

The reason I don't just simply customize all my foods by creating them anew is because doing it that way only gives me the option of "serving" for a measurement. (Whereas creating a custom food by editing a preestablished database food allows me to use measurements like cups or whatever).

It says in Google Play's description of the app that this above-mentioned bug has been worked out but nope, it has not.
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