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Hi everyone. I didn't stay exactly on plan today. I had 4 Birthday Cake Oreos. I had more chicken at dinner than planned and added 1/3 c of mashed potatoes to it. But I still had several things left on my list of food to eat for the day, but I marked most of it off. Normally I'm up until 5 or 6:00am so I eat stuff through the night (that's usually my "day"). But I just now took a melatonin to try to get myself to bed at a normal hour and hopefully sleep through the night. So I ended up at 1800 calories today, which is still higher than what I want. But dinner was just so damned good! Sometimes it's tough being such a fabulous cook.

I don't have tomorrow planned out yet. Hopefully I'll stick to whatever I come up with. Have a good night.

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