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Hiya jakevoll, welcome to fitday which i believe is the best support for anybody wanting to lose weight and get healthy. Ive been in the same situation and understand how you feel.
Im Tracey, im 25 and i weigh 12st 2lbs(170lbs), im 5ft 3in and ive got 2 children age 7 and 5.
Ever since having my kids ive always been big, i gained 4stone in my first pregnancy(totally from over-eating,i was young and naive and thought the weight would fall off,nobody told me different). I learnt and gained 2stone with my second child. For years i was unhappy and ashamed with my body,i was in a bad relationship and comfort ate for four years. My weight crept up to 16st 10lb(235lbs). The biggest id ever been- i tried so many diets but just didnt have the willpower to keep going. I didnt realise how big i was until i saw a photo and realised that my size 18's were too tight! I thought id be like this forever but then i met the man of my dreams and my confidence started to shine. At last i met somebody who loves me for everything i am. So i stayed big and happy for 4 years.
Last July i chose to lose weight for my health and to look better.My father had a heart attack. This was my wake up call!!! Ive now lost 4 and a half stone and i never thought id be wearing size 14's.
I started fitday 2weeks ago and its kept me going and keeps me feeling positive.
Jakevoll you know that you can do it-you lost 25lbs in the past and it can be done again with the right support and thats what you have on the forums. We are all here to help you achive your goal. I too have wii fit but got to get back motivation to jump on!!
Good luck and keep posted,congratulate yourself for making the first step to a healthy and happy future
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