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Welcome Synista,

I too would like to lose about 70 pounds overall, but my first goal is to lose 25 pounds by August, which will put me at 175. I started this journey March 28 at 217 lbs. I'm not a big eater either, just a "wrong food" eater. I'm a huge snacker. This is a great site, but don't forget to be diligent about logging your food.

You will find a ton of support here for those less than committed days.

If I can offer you any advise as you start your journey, it would be this...Take pictures... front, side and back. Do this monthly. Be kind to yourself when it gets tough and be forgiving to yourself when you need to.

Good luck on your can do it.

Re Start Date: January 1, 2011
Start Weight: 204.6 lbs
Today: 196.6 lbs
April 1, 2011: 182lbs
July 1, 2011: 163.8lbs
Oct 1, 2010: 147.4lbs
Goal: 140 lbs

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