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Originally Posted by rmnsuk View Post
Well this thread is different. Lots of stereotyping I thought had gone out with the last century, but maybe that's because most of you are from a different country.

I don't understand it when you say guys don't look at other guys 'junk'. Of course they do. Gay, straight, intersex whatever, every guy looks at other guys 'junk'. In fact it's one of the so called man rules. Look at every one else junk to figure out whether they are bigger than you or not.

I'm gay and I have no hang-ups about nudity in general. I sunbathe on nude beaches, I've been on holiday to naturist hotels several times. I even went on a naked day trip into the mountains in Spain. Had a great time squashed in the back of a minibus with straight and gay men and women. No problem.

However gyms are something else. I hate the changing/nudity thing. No idea why. Probably it's because I don't want to be beaten up by some redneck who thinks that I'm hitting on him because my eyes stray over his awesome body 4 milliseconds too long.
I appreciate your opinion but disagree. Maybe it's because I'm straight or because I'm from the United States. I can promise you that looking at some other guys dick to see if it's bigger is NOT "man rules" in the straight community in the US. In fact, it's JUST THE OPPOSITE. One man doesn't piss in the urinal directly next to another man... for that very reason. Any straight guy from here will tell you this. You can call it stereotyping all you want but the fact remains that it's the old guys that walk around naked in the locker room. Speaking of stereotyping, why do you feel if some guy is uncomfortable at you eyeballing him while he's naked that he's going to turn out to be some redneck that beats you up? Maybe he's just some straight guy that doesn't want to have a gay guy (or any guy) eyeing him down? Are you stereotyping straight guys as violent rednecks?

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