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My restaurant dinner plans were cancelled for the second day in a row. My granddaughter called shortly after I finished exercising and invited me out to lunch with her and the baby. We went to a shopping mall food court that has a Japanese restaurant and I ordered the teriyaki chicken without rice. The male server was very sweet and asked me if I'd like extra veggies since I was passing on the rice, and since the veggies were cooked cabbage and broccoli, it was a great low carb substitute. There were three practically paper thin coins of carrots in it--just for color, I guess, and I went ahead and ate those. The teriyaki sauce may put me up on the scale tomorrow, but I'll eat extremely low carb the rest of the day and drink extra water to attempt damage control. I don't regret my lunch--Oriental food is a rare treat for me.

Libby, oh, that's wonderful that you decided to take a walk today. We can do this!

Debbie, as always, thanks for your encouragement. I agree--I always feel better both physically and psychologically when I exercise. That tzatziki sounds great with chicken if it's the Greek dip with cucumber, yogurt and mint. That watermelon lemonade sounds refreshing. Aw, that's great that you love cooking for company.

Jenn, so were you pleased with how your appointment at the Diabetes Centre went? Great to have a scale that accurate--it really does help. Way to go on your commitment to exercise this week! And if the 30 minutes is too hard, just do how ever much you CAN do, even if it's just 2 minutes--lap those people just sitting on the couch. What's "Stay away from TH!!"--or is that private? "Stop procrastinating" is a hard one for me, but I'm on my way this week due to this group's support. My doctor had a good laugh when I told her in June that when the new sidewalk was finished in our neighborhood I could take my great-grandbaby for walks in her stroller. She knows I live on a non-busy side street. She chuckled and asked, "What's in front of your house that's preventing you from walking right now--no street? just a big cliff?" LOL She was right--she knew I was procrastinating. She is moving out of state next month, and I was so happy to be able to email her early last week to tell her I'd lost 7 lbs. of the 8 lbs. I had regained between my March and June appointments with her. She sent me back a very encouraging reply, "Yeah! That's great news!" We have such a great group posting here right now--encouraging and rooting for each other. WE CAN DO THIS!
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