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Debbie, thanks for your encouragement and for your words of wisdom on food and exercise. From what I read in your posts, you did quite well under the circumstances of your anniversary dinner and family visit. You can own the slight imperfections and take credit for admirable accomplishment at the same time.

Ashlie (aspikes), I remember you! Welcome back! I like your new goals that you know are achievable and certainly should be effective. If you have been lurking at all you have noticed that many of us are using more simple goals right now than the very strict ones we used to expect of ourselves. In my case, being too strict and having to commit to so much work doing all the nutrition tracking was causing burnout. Working an hour a day on yard sale prep probably will burn a lot of calories--it always did for me. Either I forgot or never knew--what kind of woodworking do you do and how do you get orders/clients for that?

I bit the bullet and got in a whole mile of aerobic walking (to a video) in 15 minutes. I promised 11 minutes minimum today, so was surprised I could do the whole mile. I'll change my exercise goal, then, to commit to a whole mile all this week to build up my stamina and then next week will start increasing it.
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