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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
I vow for my own health and welfare, this weekend I will:

1. Weed, mulch and Preen at least 2 more flower beds (I have 5 left)
2. Get my veggie garden started
3. Limit my calories to 1,600 or less each day
4. Drink all my water before I drink a sip of Diet Coke
5. Hit the gym on Saturday for at least 75 min (800 cal burn minimum)
6. Go for a 30 min run on Sunday (or 60min elliptical if it's raining)
7. Give honey a little sugar... (hey, that burns calories too, especially if you give it "vigorous effort").
I'm checking in here on Sunday night so that I don't snack and wreck it before tomorrow morning.

1. Weeded, and Preened 2 1/2 flower beds (I was wrong I had 7 left - yikes), bought mulch today, haven't applied it, but will get on it tomorrow morning, half check.
2. Spent 3 hours running the rototiller today, arms are killing me, check.
3. Managed to keep calories to 1,599 Sat. and 1,589 Sun, check (near thing).
4. Drank all my water on Sat before a diet Coke, drank all my water on Sun, but mom handed me a diet Coke while I was running the rototiller and before I'd finished my last bottle of water, half check.
5. Hit the gym on Sat., 1 hour 25 min., check.
6. Went for a 30 minute run on Sun., check.
7. Gave honey a little sugar, check check check, and maybe once more later tonight...
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