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Default Follow the plan exactly not half way

Originally Posted by JuneGard View Post
I've been following the Eat to Live plan for about a month. I lost five pounds the first week, but I figure that's because I gave up diet pop. I have not lost anything since. I have been weighing my food, writing down what I eat, I added one hour of exercise, and have lost two tenths of a pound since that first week. I read the book and know there's a couple of things I'm not doing right. I am not eating three meals a day. I've gotten into the habit of eating snacks, so am still doing that. Plus, it's hard to get an entire two pounds of veggies in otherwise. That's the other thing I'm not always doing....eating all the veggies required, but I try. Does anybody have a clue why I'm not losing?
ETL is hard but if you stick exactly by the plan it works. As a mid-30s female I know how hard it is find effective, sustainable solutions. I lost 21 lbs during the six week plan but I had to remain steadfast. It's important that you follow the instructions exactly as he lays out if you want results. If you snack throughout the day your body doesn't have time to digest the foods before you next meal. Fuhrman also shares that you don't have to eat the full two pounds just to do your best. I don't think I've ever eaten the full two pounds but instead tried my best to pack in as many veggies as I could stand to each meal. I had to get creative and there were days where I couldn't stand to eat another vegetable so I would just have some fruit as a reward for managing to eat a whole salad.

The other thing I found to actually work is to follow the plan to eat BOM (berries, onions & mushrooms) every day. It doesn't have to be much but these specific foods aid in weight loss. I continued on after the six weeks was up and lost a total of 44 lbs. Granted the weight loss didn't really look all that awesome until I started exercising. As soon as you have the energy I highly recommend starting strength and cardio circuit training. I used P90x and while it slowed my weight loss it tightened everything up to help me get down to the my goal size. I went from 195 to 151 lbs which for my body was the difference between a size 14 to a size 6. I was finally fitting into XS labels after all of the work and it was definitely worth it.

Of course then I started right back into all of my old habits and a 1.5 years later I gained back 35 lbs. I'm starting over again on my journey and working to make it stick. I wish you the best of luck with your own! Stick to the diet exactly as laid out and you will get results.
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