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Default July 10th Update

Hey there everyone,

So far things are going along quite well. I have had a little difficulty remembering to get the kegel stretches (10 minutes) in properly, but the breathing and the walking/bike riding are still going strong.

As part of Phase III, I had a calorie increase with minimal carbs and more protein. I do admit I am starting to crave little things here and there, so my husband is examining my diet for adjustments over the next week. He thinks it may be a simple protein craving, as I do seem to crave items that have a good protein content to them (peanuts, for example). If so, he may increase my protein foods by as much as 25% to help compensate. He said it could also be a fat craving, since I have a low fat diet, and the body does require some fat to be taken in daily.

As it is, I am now 207.2 lbs, which means I have lost 27.8 lbs total so far. I have "suddenly" (to me) lost the saddlebag on my right side. My husband said he had been examining them and had noted their drop over time, but to me, because I didn't really want to look at them, I had been turning sideways and checking my profile in the mirror instead and kind of forgot their sizes. The left saddlebag hasn't changed much in size, but my husband said this is normal, as it is not always an equal distribution for reduction.

My doctor was thrilled I had lost the weight, yet still maintained my health. He had me cut my blood pressure medication in half to 50mg pills, since he knows my goal and agrees I should reach it if I continue as I am. I cut the remaining 100mg pills in half, and went and filled the new prescription. Since taking them at the reduced rate, a slight increase of my blood pressure has occurred, so it is 101/72 as of today. Still low, but better than the 90/60 I had before. I haven't felt dizzy standing up yet. He said that the reduction in medication may take a week or so for my body to adjust to the new prescription strength, whereas increases in medication take longer.

Interestingly enough, as we have been looking through the features in this website, my husband noted I plateau with my weight every 21-24 days for approximately 3-4 days. After this happens, I have a sudden drop in weight that is larger than normal (up to 1.2 pounds in a day, kind of like water weight). He thinks it may be something with my body related to being post-menopausal. Unlike most women, I get "cold" flashes instead of "hot" flashes. I tell everyone my husband took my hot flashes since he has to take testosterone, and it heats him up periodically to the point of needing ice packs. His examination of my body physiology over time shows that I have leveling off periods that almost matched my menstrual cycle before (off by a couple days). I don't notice anything going on during those days, just that my body doesn't want to lose weight. It also matches the time frame I used to have, which was 3-4 days. My primary care doctor acknowledged it, but didn't comment one way or the other, since I have exceeded all goals he set for me. However, just knowing that this cycle is going on, makes me feel better when those days happen and I don't see changes on the scale. I am now getting used to it, recognizing I will drop back down into the weight area I should be in when that plateau time ends.

We will be continuing to focus on my diet and exercise, and I will start Phase IV on July 31st, if everything still goes as planned. I really can see the difference in my jeans, and I repeatedly show my husband the gaps between the different pairs I had worn over the years. I am continuing to be motivated and look forward to hitting that 190 pound goal!

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