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I don't have time to answer everyone right now. I'll be back later to catch up.

Jenn, way to go on your food and water. How do you feel today considering the bit of carbs overage. I didn't sleep well because of a bad carb cheat in the evening--I've noticed my dreams aren't as pleasant and I wake up more often following a carby evening snack.

Nyda, that's wonderful that you have your propane for the winter and your dog is doing well. Kudos on all the calories you're burning with all the work you do!

Jenai, congrats on your wonderful glucose number without meds! Thanks for the chicken recipe link. I'll definitely check that out.

Debbie, congrats on your food and exercise yesterday! I did not do well sticking to my meal plan yesterday after dinner. For dinner I had the low carb, low cholesterol chicken salad (boy, what it yummy!) on low carb flatbread and skipped the veggies although I love them--just wasn't hungry enough for a full meal. But then I cheated badly in the evening with an apple and cinnamon iced/frosted Danish roll AND a snack cake. Perhaps those veggie carbs I skipped would have helped to keep my blood sugar more stable so that I didn't crave sweets in the evening. I'll do better today.

Today's menu:

Breakfast: cherry dairy blend (like yogurt but with only 4 net carbs per 6 oz. container. I also mixed in some unsalted sunflower seeds.

Snack: protein shake

Lunch: leftover chicken salad on half serving of low carb flatbread, celery with soy nut butter

Snack: almonds

Dinner: meatloaf, green beans, spinach based tossed salad with low carb ranch dressing

Snack: protein shake and green bell pepper spread with reduced fat cream cheese
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