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I) plan
2) stick to it, acceptable substitutes allowed
3) 6 glasses of water and with the weather we've had I need it
4) walk, even short ones, when possible
5) stretch every day
6) work first, play later
7) Spanish

oatmeal with berries, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds and flax seed oil or cereal and almond milk

ham on gluten free bread, apple

Dinner: grilled fish and veggies

Snacks: (choose 2 or 3)
100 calorie popcorn
raw cashews
homemade hummus over salad or with carrot sticks
goat milk yogurt (better than it sounds)
Starting: 136.8
Current (10/22/14): 133.6
Mini Goal: 130 by November 26, 2014
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