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Here I am tail between my legs, two days late and how many pounds up. Once again, I got rebellious. Tired of planning and logging, determined I could trust myself to eat right and instead I ate every damaging thing in sight and a few I had to go seek out: Philly cheese steak pizza, Chinese beef with broccoli, ice cream. Thing is, this stuff, besides making me gain weight, is making me feel crappy. And didn't taste that good BTW. Well Ok the ice cream did.

I got off one set of fibro meds and in order for me to see if I can do without them, I have to eat well and take care of myself so HERE I AM.

Jenai, don't beat yourself up please. So many of us have needed help or encouragement and have reached out and people here reach back. You guys reach back. Thank you all. We're in this together.

Mern. I love your grandson's comment!! What a sweetie he is!!!

Couldn't read it all, will catch up.

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