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I hope I addressed everyone correctly. Sometimes I get caught posting a reply on a certain subject to the wrong person.

Libby, we're just glad to have you back whether you have time to reply or not. Aw, what rotten luck about the power failure--wishing you a wonderful, refreshing sleep tonight! Quite an athletic son you have! How proud you must be! I don't have emotional eating issues, but I do indulge more in sweets when I'm home alone because my family can't see me doing it. I, too, find that if I'm overly strict during the day I tend to eat more high calorie and high carb foods in the evening. Depriving oneself of food doesn't keep blood sugar stable, so when the blood sugar plummets we crave more carbs. But I know you know that and I understand where you're coming from because I've been there before and will visit there again sometime, I'm sure. I agree that if you think you may have a problem with depression you probably are depressed. Don't apologize for "rambling on"--we're here for support. You can talk as much as you want or need to.

Jenn, I love coleslaw, too--either creamy or the kind with vinegar and sweetener. Congrats on your productive day including exercise, good food, and writing.

Debbie, wonderful Monday report. You worked hard and ate nutritiously and on track. Thanks for your sweet words about my grandson's comment on my weight loss. Kids ARE brutally honest sometimes. My age number doesn't bother me at all, but a couple days ago that grandson's 12 year old moody, hormone-riddled sister asked, "How are you, Grandma-65?" I said "Sure." She replied, "Boy, you're old." Then when I told her I'm actually 68 she said, "Boy, you ARE old!" I just smiled and told her I hope she's as healthy as I am when she's my age. Aw, I know it's easier said than done, but try to look forward to your NEW lowest weight since tracking on FitDay and don't fret about your past low being gone. Know that you did it before and you can do it even better THIS time around. Oh, my goodness! MAJOR KUDOS on the early morning workout! If I put off exercise until evening, I don't get it done, either. Sometimes I'm just too tired from the day's activities with my grandkids or am babysitting my great-grandbaby. Oh, happy anniversary on Friday in case I forget. Have a wonderful time at dinner with friends. I'll bet you a nickel you'll be right back on track the next day. Mine and DH's anniversary is July 24--43 years for we old-timers. We're going on a day trip on a motorcoach bus to a Big Band concert about two hours away and it includes dinner theater style supper. I'm giving myself permission to eat what I want that day, but don't intend to wildly binge.

Nyda, I'm glad you had a wonderful party. OK, so you enjoyed the cake. I hope the depression keeps getting lighter until you feel happy every day. We're all glad you are a part of our group--you make our thread a better place. I love your simple goals--and you know what? I'll bet you'll meet those goals most days this week. Like my doctor says: "You don't have to be perfect--just better than you USED to be."

Jenai, thanks for your kind words about my grandson's compliment, too. Great job on making the lentil soup. Lots of nutrition in that shake and milk. I'll have to take a look at your recipe. I'm thinking lentils are too high carb for me, but I'm good at adapting recipes to my doctor's guidelines. Being better than you used to be on junk food is surely something to be proud of and it IS successful. I don't have much advice on salty snacks because I'm more into sweet snacks, but I have cut down on my daily sodium intake to help fight water retention. I use Morton Lite Salt for all my cooking except for soups and pasta water--in soup and pasta it has an icky flavor, but in everything else it tastes like salt. I use low sodium or sodium free beef and chicken bouillon in soups. Mrs. Dash has a nice line of seasonings--all sodium free. I buy low sodium turkey and ham deli meats. Lemon juice also is good to spritz on some foods to cut down on salt. Your chicken dish sounds great! I often put broccoli in a chicken and pasta casserole. Ooh, I'm rooting for you to stay within your calorie target. C'mon--you can do it! Cool that you can talk to a nutritionist on the phone. Ask her for lower sodium advice--maybe she/he has some great tips to pass on to you. I love your posts--no need to ever apologize. No one is forced to read all the posts--there are times some of us have time to just skim the posts and that's perfectly OK. So post away with no reservations.

I didn't get my food planned today except for dinner and evening snack, but so far I've eating according to my food plan:

Breakfast was ham and zero cholesterol egg on half a low carb flatbread.

Lunch was a veggie burger with grilled onions and peppers on the other half of the low carb flatbread

Snack was unsalted almonds with butter spray, artificial sweetener, and cinnamon. Would probably be great warmed up to enhance the flavor.

Dinner will be chicken salad (chicken, onion, celery, zero cholesterol egg, with a dressing of store-bought creamy spinach dip) and a side of cooked broccoli, and sliced tomatoes.

Evening snack: protein shake and green pepper with reduced fat cream cheese
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